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        Social Responsibility


        Cause of Philanthropy
        Hengxing Group cares for education, the lonely elderly and rushes to lend a helping hand in the cure for catastrophes. In addition to the initiative of "Fortune Center Blood Donation Day", the Group actively responds to the call of Fujian Federation of Industry and Commerce and joins the “100 Enterprises Supporting 100 Villages” project.

        Care for the Elderly
        Hengxing Group has donated 2 million yuan to Xiamen Huli Charity Federation for the establishment of Hengxing Age Fund and established the "Hengxing Young Volunteers Association". On an irregular basis, the Group would organize its employees to visit nursing homes across Xiamen City and fulfill its social responsibility.


        Free Blood Donation
        March 18 is set as the blood donation day of Xiamen Fortune Center, which joined hands with Xiamen Chamber of Commerce and the municipal blood station to launch the “Blood Donation Charity of 100 Companies” project several times. The project succeeded in inviting many people from all walks of life to participate in blood donation.responsibility.


        Teaming up for Help
        Hengxing Group has forged a three-year tie with Liushan Village and Daban Village, among the list of Fujian’s impoverished villages, and established a Dedicated Poverty Alleviation Team, led by the chairman Mr. Kexiping, in accordance with the deployment of the “100 Enterprises Supporting 100 Villages” project. The team stepped on the needy villages to launch survey for poverty alleviation many times, with progressive results achieved.

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